Sunderlands Estate Agency


Built at Siruss, the Sunderlands site is a large estate agency listing and information website. 

The theme was developed from the fully custom, responsive, boilerplate starter theme (SirussSASS7) that I created for myself and other developers at Siruss to use when developing in Drupal 7. The theme takes the column class grid approach of frameworks like Bootstrap and Omega, but streamlined to only the most useful tools for Drupal theme development, with the addition of many useful SASS variables, mixins and tools to get up and running fast with Drupal and our most often used contrib modules like Views, FlexSlider etc.

Responsible for the front-end, I'm particularly pleased with the property listing / search pages, which feature 3 different view displays for filtered results:

List View

Sunderlands List View

Grid view

Sunderlands Grid View

Map View

Sunderlands Map View

And of course all views are fully responsive

Sunderlands Mobile Screens