My Journey Hampshire

My Journey Hampshire

My Journey is a website serving travel information and advice to several councils and authorities in the South West. There is a main, central website which is accessed by various council specific domains, each serving shared, 'global' content, as well as domain specific content.

My Journey came to Microserve with an non-responsive, fixed width website, with a menu system that had gotten out of control, trying to serve various different domains. There were also generally, many navigational dead ends and broken links. The CMS was in a confused state which had led to many different content editors often publishing the exact same content, separately under different domains, unaware that previous versions existed or could be shared between domains. Visually the site was a mess of conflicting typographic styles and in in many areas, no styling at all, with raw fields being output onto the page with no default styling to make them readable.

When we took on the site, my first task was to rebuild the site's theme from the ground up, using a custom responsive grid, whilst still incorporating the original layout and visual design. I then put in place a standardised set of default typographic rules and gave the Text formats and CKEditor configuration an overhaul, removing all unnecessary formatting options and in their place giving content editors a set of brand sympathetic custom styles, which they could apply using the editor's toolbar. I also made sure that all fields, content types and views had default styling in place.

Once the front end groundwork was in place I set about sorting out the confusing multi-domain menu and and publishing system, so that all global content was visible to all content editors. Originally, when each domain specific editor published a piece of content and added it to the menu, they were confronted with a massive, sprawling menu containing all pages from all domains. Using the drupal domain module I changed this that when each editor logged in, their main navigation only showed their own pages and those tagged to appear globally.  I updated many of the content types and views to help the client push more graphical content in a nice, standardised way and implemented a multi-tier, secondary navigation system and sidebar menu, so that content could be more easily structured into sections.

Finally i made a series of short video guides, showing content editors how to use all the new publishing tools that I put in place.