Leatherhead Food Research

Leatherhead Food Research

Leatherhead Food Research organise training, conferences and publish government recognised industry guidelines on food safety and hygiene.

On this project I worked closely with the client's in-house designer to produce a set of brand guidelines and also with a 3rd party UX company to arrive at the main site structure and IA of the site. Using the findings from the UX exercise and the updated brand guidelines, I built an interactive Bootstrap prototype and through an iterative, agile process of in-browser design created the interactions and visual style the client was after.

Once the client was happy with the prototype, I converted my code into a Drupal 7 theme and rebuilt the prototype into a CMS editable, dynamic site, using Drupal.

Using a pattern based approach, a set of custom CKEditor styles and selectable custom Drupal block types (using the 'beans' module) were put in place, aiding editor in creating various different specific CTA styles, depending on their needs.

I also made a set of short video guides to help editors correctly use the new publishing tools I'd put in place.